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Explorer1 Music Group (E1) is a Los Angeles, California based global full-service music company,  owned and operated by highly respected and experienced career professionals from the music, movie, TV, radio and media industries.  We are not just a record, management or services company, we are a dynamic organization of passionate and highly skilled individuals, that offers Artist’s, songwriters, producers and companies a completely new type of funding, infrastructure, platform and support for their music.​


E1’s services include artist management, digital and physical distribution, record label services, music publisher, radio promotion, tour promoter, publicity, production, recording, rehearsal and broadcast facilities, merchandising and complete career development. ​


E1’s business model provides never seen before financial support and stability, while delivering  a completely unique one-of-a-kind turnkey support system for recording, mastering/remastering, catalog management, distribution, streaming, syndication, broadcasting, licensing, promotion, marketing, touring, merchandising and all other aspects of the industry that normally are managed by multiple entities or persons. Explorer1 Music Group operates from Santa Monica, California, USA, and has additional offices in London and India.​