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The Raven Age "Conspiracy" [Digipak CD] + Instant Digital Download

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English melodic metalcore band The Raven Age was formed in London by guitarists Dan Wright and George Harris (son of Iron Maiden’ and British Lion’ Steve Harris).

Metal. Hardrock.

Track Listing

The full track listing is:

  1. 1. Bloom of the Poison Seed
  2. Betrayal of the Mind
  3. Fleur de lis
  4. The Day the World Stood Still
  5. Stigmata
  6. Surrogate
  7. Seventh Heaven
  8. Forgotten World
  9. The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships 
  10. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 
  11. Scimitar 
  12. Grave of the Fireflies 
  13. Fleur de lis (Alternate Version)

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